a pork chop and a slice of bread – you’re

having good times, luxury

is just subjective anyway, you

tell yourself, you bite the bread …


Seen objectively, economically a

total failure your life, in any case: the

merchandise value of your pleasures

very low – okay, all volumes of Proust

(soft covers but new) cost nearly

200 marks at least back then, but

peanuts compared to the never-made

air-trip (hitchhiking through half of Europe

instead – more experienced than spent,

really impudent in fact) – Döblins

Berlin.Alexanderplatz then again

cost you a whole of 2 marks antiquarian, and

such a lot of Berlin in it, you don’t get

a short distance public transport ticket

through the city at that price


Maybe you’re even an outstanding

businessman, it shortly crosses your

head, in whose mouth you put a

piece of pork chop – tasty!


translation: Marco Kunz (with a little help from his friends)

Deutsche Originalfassung


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